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Fantasy  |  Horror  |  119min 

VILLAGE OF DARKNESS - Official Poster.jpg


The year is 1263 A.D. A pagan village is scarcely surviving in isolation and fending off starvation when the children of the town start disappearing into the darkness of the woods. As this vicious plague overcomes the village some say the forest is cursed and consuming the population.  As the pestilence devours the village the last surviving elder must battle madness in order to save her people from not only themselves but the monstrous deity that burrows up from below.


The hour of judgement has come. Will the village repay their debt in time to save themselves or will the blackness of the forest consume them all.


Style Dayne, Michael Taylor, Lacey Oake, Alexander J. Baxter


Alexander J. Baxter, Jessica Moutray, Lyle Karlo, Leigah Keewatin

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