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About Us

Sublimity Entertainment

SUBLIMITY ENTERTAINMENT is a production, finance and sales company headquartered in Los Angeles. The company specializes in a diverse portfolio, licensing all media rights of feature films / TV throughout the global markets. The company embraces the unique vision and spirit of the independent filmmaker, who works outside of and often against the studio system. The company's mission is to provide excellent service to these artists without ever sacrificing the dignity and integrity of either the filmmaker or the vision they created. 

Sublimity was founded on the values of transparency, fidelity, and trustworthiness; our first principles that yield to long-term profitable outcomes for our clients and partners. We attend all major Film markets including: Berlinale, Cannes, Toronto and AFM.  

Sublimity is a member of the Independent Film & Television Alliance.

The Team
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Ryan McCombs

CEO / Co-Founder

Ryan, a highly esteemed executive with two decades of experience in the film industry. Before founding Sublimity Entertainment, he led the acquisitions team at Spotlight Pictures. During this time, he represented a diverse array films from notable artists like Bono, Wim Wenders, Terrence Malick, David Mamet, and Larry Clark. Additionally, he engaged with prominent financiers such as Sir Richard Branson. Ryan's role involves close collaboration with productions, where he meticulously assesses the global potential of motion pictures while staying attuned to the evolving trends in purchasing behaviors.


Originating from a management background, Ryan's earlier tenure at Cornice Entertainment involved working closely with A-list writers and directors. He honed his experience in the management realm before making his mark in the film licensing industry.


Ryan's academic journey includes Columbia College School of Film in Chicago and receiving his BA at the UW-Milwaukee film school, further enriching his understanding of the field.

Ryan, a dedicated father of two boys, his interest includes supporting programs for children with special needs. Alongside this commitment, he fervently embarks on his culinary escapades, embracing the role of an enthusiastic yet occasionally challenged amateur.

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