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Drama  |  Sport  |  97min 



Toni, a determined young woman, seeks out Elliott, a former fighter turned owner of a gritty boxing gym in Bushwick. She enters the tough gym with a clear goal: to become a force in the ring. Though Elliott initially resists her presence, an unexpected bond forms between them as they navigate the intricacies of respect, love, and family. Their journey culminates in a final showdown that ultimately reshapes Toni's destiny.

Fast forward eight years, Toni, opting out of boxing, becomes a groundbreaking female manager. She imparts Elliott's wisdom to her young protégé, Payne. As she guides Payne through his championship fight night, instilling hope, and steering him towards their shared dream. "UPPERCUT" is a riveting tale of passion, resilience, and the unbreakable bonds that shape our destinies.


Ving Rhames, Luiii, Jordan E. Cooper, Joanna Cassidy


Torsten Ruether

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