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Action | Adventure Fantasy 



In a world of adventures and treachery, "The Last Redemption" transports us to a magical realm teeming with malevolent orcs and power-hungry villains.

Diana, a fearless outlaw, defies the cunning Lord Roland, who threatens the kingdom's peace. With her loyal brothers by her side, Diana embarks on a mission to rescue an innocent princess, becoming renowned rebels in the realm of Brea.

Tyrion, a devoted young knight, accepts the task of tracking down Diana and her brothers, leading him on a perilous journey. As he unravels the truth behind the outlaws, destiny weaves an unbreakable bond between Diana and Tyrion, pushing him to confront the reality about Lord Roland.

Together, they embark on an epic quest to determine the Kingdom's fate, aiming to vanquish the wicked Lord Roland and bring lasting peace to a war-torn land. "The Last Redemption" is a thrilling tale of heroism, courage, and the enduring strength of unity against overwhelming odds.



Kevin Sorbo, Natalie Burn, James Cosmo, Angus Macfadyen


John Real

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