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 Dark Tales 

Anthology | Horror |  Supernatural Fantasy |  89min 



Only one can win the game.

Three fantastic tales form mythology woven together through a mysterious game app called STORY GAME. The first tale is of high school girls bulling. Its only harmless classroom pranks until they bully the wrong girl who possesses supernatural powers and soon confront, the primeval spirit who haunts the school’s halls. Next up, a story of obsession and a businessman who is seduced by an alluring woman he meets on his commuter train. When he finally catches up with her, she reveals her true self as the infamous slit-mouth monster. Last up, the classic myth of OIWA. A jealous wife obsessed with a young maid who drivers her insane.

The Film brings to life three legendary Japanese supernatural stories. Each fable has been reimagined for the modern audience and crafted brilliantly into a single film.  Only one can win the STORY GAME.



Greer Grammer (NETFLIX "Deadly Illusions"), Lyrica Okano, Alberto Rosende, Ned Van Zandt, Jason Quinn


Jason K. Lau



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