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Thriller  |  Sci-Fi  |  Horror  |  90min 



When three young programmers come across an abandoned technology, they cross ethical lines and reverse engineer the tech that unlocks an unforeseen horror. Through their secretive work they open a dimension into the spirit world. They connect the tech into an app that allows them to see ghosts via their phones. Endangering their own lives, they find themselves consumed into a forbidden world of the dead. When this world of death is let into the world of the living an old evil is released. In this technological supernatural thriller, where worlds blur between the living and the dead, friends will sacrifice their souls for each other but can they disconnect the evil. ​


Laura Casale, Juan Cruz Rolla, Camila Pizzo, Zhongbo Li Zhang


Nicolás Finkielstain, Magalí Nieva


Federico Finkielstain

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