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Suspense  |  Horror  |  85min 



From the Producers of the Box Office horror hit THE GALLOWS comes NIGHT OF THE MISSING. A stormy Christmas night, a secretive small town sheriff gets a visit from a mysterious woman who recounts bizarre stories involving missing persons. A neglected boy with a sweet tooth receives a visit from the mysterious Ice Cream Man, Mr. Sweetie. A young girl with cabin fever who takes up a phone sex operator job to pass the time, but a certain caller has other intentions. A young woman who discovers the strange reality of the town where her best friend disappeared. And a man who makes a promise that he can’t keep with haunting repercussions. The sheriff neglected to give the attention needed to find them, or worse, being the monster behind the disappearance of them all. ​


Travis Cluff, Chris Lofing, Samuel Gonzales Jr, Matthew Hersh, Gigi Gustin

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