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Supernatural  |  Thriller  |  Horror



Alone in her isolated house on the US/Mexico border, NICOLE discovers a young immigrant named RAHUI who had severely injured himself while making the dangerous crossing. Nicole learns that while crossing the border illegally, he and his pregnant sister, GABRIELA, were attacked by a demonic creature known as a Cihuateotl. This antient spirit was once a primeval woman who had died in childbirth and has now comes back from the dead to fleece babies for her feasting.  The spirit can only return to the world of the living during five days on the Aztec calendar, which belong to no month, only known as THE NAMELESS DAYS. With his sister trapped on the Mexico side of the border and already going into labor. Nicole and Rahui are forced to venture into the darkness of no man’s land to rescue her and the newborn child. Confronted by the Cihuateotl they soon learn that her vengeful spirit cannot be killed, only outlasted.  Their only hope of survival is to make it through the night to the fifth day sunrise and evade her relentless pursuit.


Charles Halford "Bad Times at the El Royale"  |  Ally Ioannides "Synchronic"


Andrew Mecham Matthew Whedon

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