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Psycho - Thriller  |  Sci-Fi - Horror  |  96min


From the director of V/H/S Viral, The ABCs of Death  and Totem - Grimmfest 2021 Premiere

"The Wilder, weirder, more WTF films at this year's festival". "It's jolting, jarring, genre-hopping and utterly unique." Grimmfest 2021 



After a gruesome attack, George wakes up in a hospital room with total memory loss and is the recipient of a full-face transplant.  George deals with the grueling pain of the major surgery and the psychological scars of having another man’s face sewn onto his. Although he does not remember his self, he is plagued by flashbacks and now, not sure what is real and what is fake, will need to face his demons that brought him to this place.  With his new, and ravaged scared face, George reenters the world.  Leaving the bar one night, George is attacked by the hooded man leaping out of a dark alley. In the struggle George knocks the mask off the man to reveal he HAS NO FACE. The man, on top of him, grabs George’s face and slurs “Give me back my face!” George finally kicks the faceless man off of him into the street and he is hit by a passing van. 


In this darkly-intense physiological thriller - horror has a new name and a New Face!


Brendan Sexton III, Terry Serpico, Alex Essoe


Marcel Sarmiento, Warren Ostergard

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