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Action  |  Crime  |  Thriller  |  96min 

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Boon, an assassin on the run from his former boss, attempts to live a life of solitude in the mountains of Washington near the Canadian border. He studies his bible, attends St. Mary’s catholic church, and hides out in a cabin off the grid trying to live an honest life. When his past nearly catches up to him, he’s rescued by the most unlikely pair; a preacher and her son who reside on the same mountain region. The preacher informs Boon that her land is dangerous due to the “project” that a local gun smuggling ring is creating right on her property.  Meanwhile, FBI agent Lloyd Redd scours the Washington town for boon in hopes of finally bringing him in and helping bring down Boon’s former crime syndicate. As the days go by Boon discovers the only way to fully redeem himself and save the people he’s befriended, is to fall back on what he does best: kill.


Neal McDonough, Tommy Flanagan, Christina Ochoa, Jason Scott Lee, James Madio, Christiane Seidel


Neal McDonough, Ruve McDonough, Jason Starne

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