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Horror  |  Thriller  |  86min  |  English



Olivia and Claire, two young sisters who have lost their mother, are sent to the home of their estranged Aunt for safe keeping until their father can fetch them. But their keeping is far from safe. Not only is their Aunt herself sinister and strange, but all the mirrors in her large, uninviting house have either been covered over or stored in the locked basement. When the younger Claire is lured to the basement, she finds a message scrawled in the dust on one of the mirrors that she believes to be from her dead mother. "I am in a dark place. I need to get out. Will you help me?"  She will and she does. But what she releases from the mirror turns out to be anything but motherly, and the older Olivia must now save her, not only from the malicious entity that has possessed her, but from an Aunt hell bent on the demon's, and hence her sister's, destruction.


Elizabeth Birkner,  Jan Broberg,  Addy Miller


Andrew Mecham, Matthew Whedon

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