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Action  |  Western  |  117min  |  English  |  


US Distributor



More than a decade after the War, a nation tries to rebuild as an outlaw faction takes root across the land. Gunslinging detective Matthias Breecher (Kevin Makely) is hired by one of the Senator (Tony Todd) to track down the worst of the war criminals (Trace Adkins, Bruce Dern and Jeff Fahey), with nothing more than his wits and his revolver. As he roams the Old West-seeking justice, his resolve is tested when he meets a determined pioneer woman (Mira Sorvino) who is far more than she seems. As the lawless converge on this lawman, death is inevitable in a terrain that welcomes no stranger. In BADLAND, justice doesn’t play by anyone’s rules.


Mira Sorvino,  Bruce Dern,  Tony Todd,  Jeff Fahey,  Kevin Makely,  Wes Studi,  James Russo.


Kevin Makely, Shawn Nightingale, Jennifer Ambrose.

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