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Action  |  Thriller  |  86min



Charlie Bond (Dane Cook) is at a crossroads.  Divorced from his wife, and kept from seeing his fourteen year old son Leo (Levi Miller), he makes a desperate decision: he picks Leo up after school, telling him that his mother asked him to take Leo for  the weekend.  Leo is suspicious, but agrees.  He knows that something is wrong, but he’s curious.  

Charlie stops by a gallery that deals in black market art.  Charlie has worked for the owner Anton (Udo Kier) before, and while Anton is distracted by Leo, Charlie steals a priceless object.  Now they are on the run.  Charlie takes Leo and drives his Land Rover Defender across the desert of Southern California, towards Mexico, where he has a buyer for the stolen piece. 

Meanwhile, Anton has uncovered the robbery and is determined to make Charlie pay.  With the help of a hired gun, he tracks Charlie’s path across the desert. Each day, he closes in.  

Leo’s mother has informed the police, who are also on the lookout.

The buyer in Mexico is no longer an option, and Charlie must confront Anton and face the consequences.  Will he ask forgiveness, or is this a final showdown? As the tragic events unfold, Leo finally learns his father’s secret, and the desperate measures people will take to atone for a lost life.


Dane Cook, Levi Miller, Udo Kier, Claire Van der Boom


Ingo Vollkammer, Tim McCann, Ross Kohn, Jennifer Konawal, Nancy Leopardi

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