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Action | Fantasy | Sci - Fi | Family | 94min 


When a magic helmet thrusts a young man into a world of modern-day knights fighting supernatural evil, he's forced to become the hero he was destined to be.


Nolan Parthmore (Aaron Dalla Villa) was just a regular guy, hanging with friends, working at his game store, flirting with his co-worker, but then one day, destiny came calling. A courier delivers a mysterious antique helmet with no note or description. When Nolan puts it on, his whole world changes. The helmet comes to life and calls out to an evil demon, Lord Dragsmere, who was imprisoned by Nolan's deceased father. Nolan soon discovers he is next in the bloodline, heir to The Nobleman, destined to become a hero whether he wants to be or not. Since the Dark Ages, the Noblemen have been guardians against the 13 Devil's Apostles: dark forces escaped from hell and let loose upon on earth. Generations later, it's the heirs of these original knights that possess the power to open the Alpha Rift: the only defense against these supernatural foes.



Lance Henriksen,  Aaron Dalla Villa, 


Dan LantzJodie Shultz



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