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Thriller  |  Sci-Fi  |  98min 



In the not too distant future, the sun will burn out. Cold and darkness will permeate across the world and any hope for survival, or possibility of being rescued, crumbles. An affluent family is contained inside of their estate and forced to confront this terrifying doomsday event together despite their long lasting divides amongst each other they must heal their painful past before it's too late. But as the ticking clock moves forward -one second closer to the end - they must maintain their sanity or risk attacking each other like wild savages. Starring Kyra Sedgwick (Golden Globe winner for TV's "The Closer"), Tim Daly (TV's "Wings"), and Natalia Dyer (Netflix series "Stranger Things"). Inspired by Lord Byron’s 19th century classic "Darkness". In a world forced to live in the dark and cold where the sun dies and humanity ends.


Kyra Sedgwick, Tim Daly, and Natalia Dyer


Fernando Diez Barroso

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